Construction Industry Portable Rentals

Double Stall Trailers

Our double stall trailer units are great for agriculture and construction sites. They can be pulled behind a vehicle with a 2" ball. They detach from your vehicle as well and are very stable. Stabilizers in the back act as steps for easy access. We also provide units with sinks and single unit trailers.

Each unit includes: 4 rolls of toilet tissue, Instant Hand Sanitizer, Vents, Occupancy Signal Latch. Can be serviced weekly or two times per month. General Usage Guidelines are one toilet per 10 workers for a 40 hour work week (serviced weekly). Sinks come with paper towels and soap dispensers.

250 Gallon Holding Tanks
Height: 18" Width: 48" Depth: 72"

Wash Sinks

Advanced Systems Standard Service:

  • Pump out holding tank
  • Disinfect interior, seat, urinal
  • Wash door inside
  • Wash floor
  • Towel dry interior
  • Wash down outside if needed
  • Restock toilet tissue
  • Restock hand sanitizer if needed
  • Sign service sticker with the date of service
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